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Bar Staff Required

So you want to be a bar person?  That’s great as this is a very important job at One33. It not just about serving drinks.  You have to keep your eyes on everyone to make sure there is no clients spiking the girls drinks, or if they are lucky, the other way round!  You will be expected to push as much booze as is humanly possible while still staying within the strict guidelines One33 enforces to keep within the alcohol laws.  Anything less is not acceptable.

We expect the best but you receive the best. There are many perks about working for us, daily bonus’, an awesome team, opportunity for extra shifts, the ability to move up within the company, the list goes on…….

One33 is very interested in to going in to Cocktail competitions and seeing our bar staff going world wide to the competitions representing One33 on full pay.

For this we want target hungry staff who only think of work and how to get their bonus’s by making sure they promote One33 everywhere they go and bringing in their own clients just to enjoy the atmosphere and top class cocktails.

It’s your lucky day we are hiring right now.  Are you the best? Can you sell clausthaler and non alcoholic drinks after 4am and keep our bar pumping until the end of your shift?  Then don’t waste your time at your other job cos your not happy there, bored with no room to grow.  We know this or you wouldn’t be reading this advert.  So follow the link and send us an email with a covering letter selling yourself to us.  There is nothing stopping you in this company to grow as high as you want, it’s all up to you.  So are you a go getter??


Email Don and you are on your first steps to a brighter future.

Bar Job


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