The Floor




The most important job in the company and the fastest way to earn unlimited amounts of cash for the lady with the right mind set.

Do you have goals, bills to pay off, an OE or your first house.

Well this is the club to be in as we restrict the number of ladies on our floor so you are not competing against 50 other ladies at one time like it is in other clubs or meat markets as they tend to be known.  By restricting we will be able to build our beautiful array of ladies increasing the quality all the time and thus bringing in more guys to book you.

Our ladies changing room is full equipped with, pin coded lockers (so no need to bring a padlock), shower, toilet, sinks, makeup shelves, fridge, microwave etc.

Each room is equipped with a spa, tv, large play bed, toilet (only rooms on upper level), shower.  Our newest room was designed with you ladies in mind to maximise your earning potential, is room 8 that has 2 separate large beds, spa, toilet, double walk in shower with your own water temperature controllers, mirrors, tiled floor and wall etc.  With four of you in the room you will be able to relax your client in the spa while your friend sensually washes her client in the shower.  Giving your client an voyeurs delight allowing your while the time away and then extend again and again.

Most clubs make you wash, dry and put away your own towels we think this is a waste of your time and do it for you as we want you on the floor making money as we all know that is the reason you do this job and we want to maximise your earning potential every time you are are here.

We offer free photo shoots and continuously upgrade the photos while you are with us to promote you on the internet, our website and other forms of advertising media.

Safety is of upmost importance to our company and thus we have 2 panic buttons in every room which are constantly monitored with staff members ready to assist you.

We have future clubs planned for Australia and New Zealand enabling you to travel between the club.  We all know the new ladies get the most of the work so our aim is for those ladies that are able to travel, would be to move you every month to the next club and thus you would enjoy the new lady status earning  you more cash.


This is why this is the only club you should look at working in.


If you require more information or just want to chat please email

If you would like more information about the whole industry ups and downs etc and your rights in the industry then please follow the link to The New Zealand Prostitutes’ Collective this organisation will give you an unbiased overall view of the industry, clubs etc and will help you stay safe and clean with their free weekly medical checks that is totally private.


4 thoughts on “The Floor

  1. Hey, I’m a blonde curvy 20 year old who’d be keen to start working in the sex industry ASAP. Your club seemed the most appealing to me employment wise and I’d love to hear back if you’re currently looking!

  2. Hi I have previous experience working in the field and would love to apply to work with your team


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