We are glad you are on this page it means you interested in working at the best Gentleman’s Club in New Zealand.   There are Five (5) posts available in the company.  They are The Floor, Franchisee, GM, Manager or Bar.

First of all you need to ask yourself what is it you want out of the industry?

Q:  Is it quick cash?

A:  Then the floor is for you.

Q:  A career in the red light industry?

A:  Cleaner, Bar, Manager then GM are your way forward.

Q: To be your own boss?

A:  Then the only option is to become a Franchisee in the fast growing company with an attitude to grow and think out of the box and make more cash then any other gentleman’s club.  Don’t hesitate become your own boss now and start earning the cash potential you know you are worth.


Follow the links to find out more or contact Don and have a friendly chat about which is best for you and how we can help you obtain all your dreams. don@one33.co.nz



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